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Love is 100% Free, Why pay for it. What you need is a 100% Free dating site with personals local or from around the world. You also need an online personals site where anyone who is interested in your personals ad can actually contact you.  That's the reason I created this site. TownsBestSingles.com is a completely free Online Dating site for  singles lookign for love. You can search personals and contact other singles without any fees what so ever.  Why waste time with other sites that has millions of limited personals that has no chance of contacting you whether you are paying customer or not.

Reality is only 6% of all online dating profiles are actual paying members.  It means that even if you pay to join one of those bigger sites with millions of users, only 6 out of 100 users can actually reply you back because they are not full-members.  Basically you would be wasting alot of time & money sending messages to people who can not reply back even if they wanted to.

Knowing this, I wanted create a web site where singles can enjoy all the benefits of other sites without the added fees. Make it FREE, Make it EASY, Make it ACCESSIBLE. That was my goal.  TownsBestSingles.com is not like most other sites which will let you post your profile for free but will charge you a fee to contact or reply others.
Townsbestsingles.com is completely free, no hidden fees, no trial periods, no credit cards. Just Register, Search and start contacting other singles.  Love is free, Why pay for it?  

Whether you are looking for local or international singles, you can easily get in touch with others without having to pay any monthly fees. Since this is a free site, we hope that you support this site by clicking on our ads so that we can continue to provide this service for free.

If you are looking for love, your dream match, a loving relationship, and all this without having to pay anything; TownsBestSingles.com is the place for you. Whether you are single, divorced, have kids or no kids , there is probably an online personal ad here that is a perfect match. Once you find a personal that you are interested, you can contact those personals ads using our internal message system where the other profile gets an email from us indicating that they received a message. Using our messaging system ensures that neither you, nor your recipient will see the actual personal email addresses unless you choose to include it in your message.

So What are you waiting for? It's FREE, it's EASY and it's QUICK. Go ahead and register. Make sure to include your photo and a catchy title since profiles with photos are much more likely to be contacted by other individuals.

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